Direct Selling

  • Evolution of Direct Selling in India

    MLM (Multi Level Marketing) / Network Marketing / Direct Marketing / Direct Selling, is a way of doing business often called as Direct selling (DS) which is a proven arm of Modern Trade across the world. AMWAY from US, then followed by Oriflame and few more MNC’s have entered India to introduce direct selling business […]

  • Direct Selling can be a best marketing strategy for MSME.

    “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”- John D. Rockefeller A ‘Direct selling’ business prefers a person to person sale of their products or services through multiple chains of people, instead of a conventional distribution or retail store network. It thrives on the strength of relationships […]

  • Does Direct Selling really benefit the society or only a few individuals?

    Many of us often wonder what makes Direct Sellers push themselves so much for a company that they do not own, yet stretch almost like the Owners of those businesses. We further try to attribute reasons for such a deep rooted attachment and also go on to conclude on just one or two individuals as the beneficiaries. Do we […]