Does Direct Selling really benefit the society or only a few individuals?

Many of us often wonder what makes Direct Sellers push themselves so much for a company that they do not own, yet stretch almost like the Owners of those businesses. We further try to attribute reasons for such a deep rooted attachment and also go on to conclude on just one or two individuals as the beneficiaries. Do we ever ask ourselves, is that always true? Is there anything more than what’s obvious? Could there be an underlying social cause? As the famous Irish author, poet and dramatist ‘Oscar Wilde’ once said…

“Society exists only as a mental concept; in the real world there are only individuals”. So, who are those individuals getting benefited with ‘Direct Selling’. Let’s find that out… Youngsters are appreciated as pillars of any given society. But many of these youthful individuals seldom get a job opportunity immediately after completing their education. Not many companies recruit freshers, but all of them want experienced individuals to fill their vacancies. Nobody wants to think about the fact that, unless they get their first job, how can they gather any work experience! If this is bad, it becomes worse for those who are still studying or drop out of colleges as they may have to fend for their education themselves, apart from supporting their families, as they will neither have a degree nor experience. It’s ‘Direct Selling’ which gives all such youngsters a golden opportunity of earning crucial money as well as invaluable work exposure bundled with exceptionally flexible timings and more significantly without any pre-conditions on qualifications or work experience. Be it individuals who are technically educated, non- technical or with no formal education…‘Direct Selling’ embraces everyone and while it offers the life changing initial springboard to some, becomes a lifelong livelihood for many others. No wonder, there have been several ‘Rags to Riches’ real life experiences unfolded by ‘Direct Selling’ activity in several countries across the world, including India. It doesn’t stop with Sellers alone; individuals who buy from Direct Sellers are saved from the herculean task of finding the right product, at right price, from a right seller, who can offer the right service later on. Buyers get all of these, right at their doorstep mostly from their direct or indirect acquaintance, which gives them a great amount of liberty while buying.

And if that is not enough, individuals who are behind companies which opt for Sales and Distribution of their products through ‘Direct Selling’ also get tremendous benefits in terms of avoiding their capital getting locked up in advertising and other distribution channel related expenses in a traditional market place. They usually share the savings with consumers and the Direct Sellers, creating a huge base of loyal and happier individuals.

When so many individuals are able to continue their winning streak and live happily, the society is bound to grow healthier, wealthier and happier with each passing day…all thanks to ‘Direct Selling’.

How would you like to begin your winning streak with ‘Direct selling’? Stay tuned; Keep visiting this blog and contact this Author or your nearest ‘Direct selling’ Consultant for more updates/information on how ‘Direct selling’ can work for your business.


Kishore Varma

Founder & CEO of, an IT Entrepreneur having 15 years of experience in Direct Selling business software & solutions..

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