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Use of Computers & Software in any trade is a value addition to run the business process quickly and smoothly. Whereas, certain businesses which runs only on Computers & Software are called Modern Trades, like eCommerce, Market places, online services aggregators, Direct Selling etc.

Referring to the revolution of modern trades and success stories in India almost every variety of businesses have ventures in online business like, Retailing, education, recruiting, pharma, real estate, food delivery, cab services, cars buying & selling, matrimonial, banking and Govt. Citizen Services etc..

These modern trade businesses which runs 24 X 7 and 365 days without any business closed hours or a holiday. Hence it is very essential to have most effective and efficient IT infrastructure to do the online business, that should run on its own with many automations of processes & procedures, without any human dependencies.

BSmartERP, is a 100% custom-built processes & procedures as per SOPs driven ERP Software that has applications across the platforms of Web based, Desktop based, Mobile devices with an integration of servers & databases for an optimum delivery of speed, accuracy, and user-friendly interface to ensure the best in performance.

Every growing business requires IT infrastructure to keep updating time to time as per the growing prospects, the unique options with us are best TAT (Turn Around Time) in the industry, Flexibility of customisation, compatibility across the platforms and Proven long term relationships with clients.

Certainly, we can be the best option when you are in Modern trade. Please email the details to

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