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Over the decades, the science of referral is successful across the world to recommend products & services, to offer sales thru word of mouth. It is powerful because of the personal level endorsement and primary point of trust when someone known is recommending it. This business is also called in many ways like Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing, referral marketing and Direct Selling.

The evolution of this business model started nearly 8 decades back, whereas, In India it was about 3 decades back, today there are hundreds of Direct Selling companies in India and millions of Direct Sellers who have chosen this business as their livelihood, made their life as best as it can.

The Direct Selling is a proven arm of modern trade and that runs 100% on IT systems. The Direct Selling software required to be an efficient enough to deal with large data volumes, user levels in the form of genealogy / hierarchy to maintain unlimited depth of generations and process data with complex of business logic. Certainly this is not simple.

The Genealogy software offerd by SmartSoft is the pioneers and the best choice for Direct Selling business for a long term business models.

Our expertise over 2 decades equips us to building customised software systems as per the business model centric requirements and provide timely support service.

Our clients are our strength.

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