A one-time investment of Capex (Capital Expenditure) on our fully automated ERP software will help saving on recurring Opex (Operational Expenditure) of month on month basis because of optimized business procedures instant services delivery to the customers / distributors.

Automation of many routine procedures will help the company for speed in business with limited manpower resources and dependency.

Our industry experience over 18 years in Direct Selling, is an added advantage to deliver you the at most understanding of your business requirements quickly and saving your time & energy.

Developed software source code is available on solicitation, as per the terms agreed in the contracts.

The support services after the delivery of the project is very crucial in the industry. We are the best and proven in the Indian Direct Selling / MLM software industry in India for the post-delivery support services with a record turn-around time and maximum teams working on-site as and when necessary.

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