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The use of a software technology is an added advantage for any business, but for a Direct Selling business it is a basic infrastructure requirement, without software it is highly impossible to run the business. Having an accurate software, with as many as possible processes & procedures that can handle by an effective software helps the Direct Selling business to grow.

SmartSoft, the experience thorough 23+ years encourages us to cater the Direct Selling Industry with more effective technology and customised solutions following the client specific requirements and as per their growth prospects.

  • A one-time investment of Capex (Capital Expenditure) on fully automated Direct Selling ERP software, will help saving on recurring Opex (Operational Expenditure) on monthly basis because of optimised business processes & procedures to deliver services the users accurate as well as faster. Our solution required very less manpower resources to run the back-office operations because of many automations to eliminate human dependencies.
  • Our DS industry experience over 23 years is an added advantage to deliver you the at most understanding of your business requirements quickly and saving your time & energy.
  • The developed software source code is available on solicitation as per the terms as agreed, and given liberty to host anywhere as desired by the client.
  • 60+ team of qualified professionals with longer years of experience in developing Direct Selling Softwares and support services.
  • The best of on-site presence in the Direct Selling Industry, with maximum projects and delivery process executed on-site.
  • Our technical teams are highly capable with firefighting & crisis management skills, for any project take-over.


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